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The ARQUISTE Discovery Set

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Discovery Sets include 5 (five) 1.5ml sample vials and a booklet with each fragrance's background story.

Choose amongst styles and inspirations:

Aleksandr (Russian Leather): Based on Aleksandr Pushkin's fateful duel in 1837 St. Petersburg: violet, leather and wood.

- Anima Dulcis (Rapture in the Convent): A mystical spiced chocolate recipe from Baroque Mexico.

- Boutonnière No.7 (Opera Flower): A naturalistic gardenia from Belle Époque Paris.

- Flor y Canto (Aztec Flower): An Aztec offering of Mexican Tuberose and other sacred blooms.

- Infanta en Flor (Spanish Bloom): Musky orange blossom from the Spanish Golden Age.

- L'Etrog (Mediterranean Sukkot): Sparkly citron, candied lemon and bergamot, nestled in an enveloping background of date fruit and warm woods.

L'Etrog Acqua (Italian Citron): Crisp, dewy citrus notes taking you to a Calabrian citron field on a misty morning.

- L'Or de Louis (Fire Blossom):  Golden orange blossom mixes with firewood smoke at Versailles' Grand Orangery.

- Nanban (Dark Spice): A leathery incense scent based on a Japanese galleon's exotic cargo.

- Peau (Lost Love)A salty skin scent evoking the nape of the neck and a lover's embrace.

- Sydney Rock Pool (A Dive Down Under): Sea, sand and sun on your skin. A perfect day at the beach.

*Purchase a set and receive a one-time $40 credit to apply towards your first 100ml fragrance purchase. You will receive a follow-up email with your credit code. 

*Discovery Sets are not returnable. 

*Eau de Parfum. Sample size sprayers: 1.5 ml / 0.05 fl oz