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Purchase a set and receive a one-time $40 credit to apply towards your first 100ml fragrance purchase. You will receive a follow-up email with your credit code. Sample size sprayers: 1.5 ml / 0.05 fl oz. Eau de Parfum.

Discover our collection:

(*Including sneak peeks into two upcoming scents!!!)

- NEW! A Grove by the Sea (Adriatic Aromatic) A fig, pine and olive fragrance transporting you to an aromatic Adriatic island. Close your eyes and picture the little harbor, the cypress and Mediterranean pine trees and the scent of green fig leaves and extra virgin olive oil carried by the salty breeze.

- NEW! Venice Rococo (18th Century Baby Powder) Transporting you to a pastel interior in 18th century Venice, where perfumed clouds of violet, rose, soft amber and iris swirl around stucco carvings of mischievous cherubs.

- Anima Dulcis (Rapture in the Convent) A mystical spiced chocolate recipe from Baroque Mexico: cocoa absolute, Mexican vanilla, cinnamon, frankincense and smoked chilis evoke an evocative concoction between heaven and earth.

- Boutonnière No.7 ((Finalist- Parfum Extraordinaire 2013) A realistic gardenia scent that can be worn by everyone, recreating the scent of boutonnières and French colognes wafting through the Belle Époque foyer of the Opéra Comique in Paris in 1899.

- Él (Latin Lover) A heady fougère inspired by the latin lovers of 1970's jet-set Acapulco and the disco era. With notes of: Moroccan rosemary, Egyptian geranium, cinnamon leaves, oak-moss, vetiver and castoreum.

- Ella (Prix de l'Emotion 2017, Olfactorama, France) A voluptuous chypre scent evoking 1970s disco glamour, plunging necklines and honeyed skin. Turkish rose, jasmine and red lipstick give way to carnal notes of cardamom absolute, patchouli and civet. 

- Flor y Canto (Aztec Flower) A white floral fragrance transporting you to an Aztec temple altar where heaps of tuberose, magnolia, plumeria and marigold are sacrificed under a subtle copal incense base. 

- Indigo Smoke (Black Tea Smoking) Evoking the traditional smoking of tea leaves in ancient China, Indigo Smoke is a long-lasting, realistic black tea fragrance with vetiver, pine tar, incense and apricot.

- Infanta en floor (Spanish Bloom) Based on 17th century Spanish formulas, a soft powdery opening gives way to a suede-like dry down. Soft, easy to wear and timeless.

L'Etrog Acqua (Italian Citron) Crisp, dewy citrus notes taking you to a Calabrian citron field on a misty morning. The most thirst-quenching Mediterranean scent.

- L'Or de Louis (Indie Fragrance of the Year 2024) A bright orange blossom with a warm, woody background, including notes of orange blossom absolute, pomegranate, honey and firewood smoke. Recreating when Louis XIV and his Court would visit the Versailles' Grand Orangery to delight in the flowering orange trees warmed by bonfires.



(Indie Fragrance of the Year 2021) A scent balanced between regal and rebel, where cashmere-like ambery notes smooth out carnal earthiness. Misfit includes decadent notes of: French lavender, ambrette seed absolute, patchouli, Venezuelan tonka bean and tolu balsam.

- Nanban (Finalist- Parfum Extraordinaire 2016) An intoxicating incense and leather scent based on the ancient commercial trade between Asia, Europe and the Americas: Malabar black pepper, Persian saffron, Mexican coffee absolute, Spanish leather, myrrh, frankincense, sandalwood and cade wood.

- Peau (Finalist- Indie Fragrance of the Year 2022) The nape of the neck and the idealized scent at a lover. Peau is based on Roman Emperor Hadrian's memories of Antinous, his lost lover. Salty, peppery and musky notes of ambergris, white pepper and labdanum blend in to evoke intimacy, life and the idealized memory of skin. 

- Sydney Rock Pool (A Dive Down Under) Sea, sand and coconut sunscreen on your skin. Frangipani and sea salt in the air. A mineral and subtle tropical scent evoking a perfect day at the beach.

- The Architects Club (Velvet Martini) A fresh take on vanilla, taking you to an Art Deco martini bar in 1930s London: velvet banquettes, exotic woods, crisp martinis and cigars. Blond tobacco and smoky vanilla mix with the crisp herbal notes of gin.

*Please note discovery sets are not returnable.