Sydney Rock Pool


Sydney Rock Pool -

- - - Eau de Parfum

100 ml. / 3.4 fl oz:


Golden Hour, January 2016, Sydney. The surf crashes against the sandstone rocks. Your skin glows in the warm sun underneath a blazing Australian sky. As you climb out of the water, a gentle breeze blows through the nearby jasmine and frangipani trees, mixing with the subtle scent of sea, salt and rock. Take the moment to soak it all up, and dive down under with this evocative fragrance. A mineral, ambery musk evoking the scent warm skin at the beach, with notes of: Australian sandalwood, mineral accord, coconut skin accord, driftwood note, narcissus absolute, frangipani, jasmine sambac, seaweed, ambermax and sea salt accord.   Olfactive pyramid: Top notes- Mineral accord, coconut skin accord, Australian sandalwood. Heart notes- Driftwood note, narcissus absolute, frangipani, jasmine sambac. Background notes- Seaweed, ambermax, sea salt accord.   Developed with Rodrigo Flores Roux.  
The scent of warm skin after a swim in one Sydney’s famous rock pools, the addictive scent of an endless summer. Large 100 ml / 3.4 fl oz. bottle of the highest Italian quality with our signature 'A' engraved  metal cap, as well as the newest technology for an invisible spray tube.
  • “Sydney Rock Pool represents my love affair with the beach, the sea and the lifestyle around it. It’s something that has always called me, and wherever I may travel to, I try to spend some time at the coast. I have a fascination with how skin smells like after swimming in the sea, drying down on the sand, under the warm rays of the sun. Sydney has been a very special city for me since I first traveled there in 2013, having made great friends and really connecting with the coastal lifestyle.  There’s a recurrent time and place that I always want to go back to, and that is being at the beach…this fragrance is its most frank recreation. It’s pure pleasure.” – Carlos Huber
  • The original accord of Sydney Rock Pool was a marine, salty accord created exclusively for CONDE NAST TRAVELER magazine, in celebration of its DESTINATION OF THE YEAR 2016: AUSTRALIA. The scent was gifted to Conde Nast’s VIPs and was so successful, we decided to take it as inspiration for a new development.
  • ARQUISTE’s most ‘contemporary’ scent, reminds us to not neglect our present for inspiration, and to find our own haven to escape to. - The scent manages to combine marine freshness, green floral notes, warm, buttery milky coconut and dry, sharp, woody ambers to create a truly addictive composition that is ever present.
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