carlos huber wearing grey suite

April 5, 2017

Men’s Fashion Advice from Carlos Huber


Basics. I usually start with a high-quality well-cut blazer and a nice basic shirt. I don’t like going too extravagant. Instead I prefer to add bold details to make a statement and spice up the look. When it comes to shoes, I give preference to classic ones, not too pointy and not too square. Quality and craftsmanship are two things I like to accentuate rather then crazy design or embellishments.

Details. A good way to make your look a bit more interesting are funky socks. Another way to add some character and personality to your look is a pocket square. Here you have many options depending on the occasion. You can go with a classic pocket square to achieve more elegant and refined look that will work best for a formal occasion. If you want to add some flare and vivacity to your look, go with with brighter colors and bolder patterns. And of course, the most important finishing touch is fragrance.