Held in Paris on July 5th, the Olfactorama Awards represent what’s best in the French fragrance world. In true French spirit, winners chosen are based on olfactive quality, beauty and emotional impact.

We are so proud to have won the Prix de l’Emotion for our sexy eau de parfum ELLA. An award reserved to fragrances that strike an emotional chord and send chills down our spine.

OLFACTORAMA WINNERSBesides being one of the only two winning niche brands, ARQUISTE is proud to be the only American winner. And in good company, among luxury brands like Hermès, Chanel and Cartier.


Discover ELLA, a sexy floral chypre, and be ready to be moved at first whiff….


I love collecting unique objects  that have a story behind them. My collection is very eclectic,  and I can get equally fascinated by the large antique mirror from 19th century France and a modern furnishing from Ikea. My apartment is full of antique books and vintage elements of decor, but still has a very modern feel to it. On one shelf you can see my collection of ultra-modern necklaces and bracelets by Luis Morales sitting next to antique books from 19th century.  Nothing in my collection  is random. Each item tells a story. I find details and nuances very important because they help better express who I am and what inspires me.

My passion for fragrances is reflected in my apartment as you can find fragrances literally everywhere, even in my refrigerator! I store fragrances in refrigerator  to prevent them from going bad. We use a lot of natural high-quality ingredients in our perfumes, and exposure to high temperatures or direct sun-light can cause unwanted changes in fragrance over time.  I think that what makes my collection so unique and interesting is that it has so many layers to it. I have pieces from all over the world: London, Paris, New York, Mexico, Budapest and from different epochs.

Photography by Marilou Daube. Photos were featured in the  March issue of Solar Magazine.

Men’s Fashion Advice from Carlos Huber


Basics. I usually start with a high-quality well-cut blazer and a nice basic shirt. I don’t like going too extravagant. Instead I prefer to add bold details to make a statement and spice up the look. When it comes to shoes, I give preference to classic ones, not too pointy and not too square. Quality and craftsmanship are two things I like to accentuate rather then crazy design or embellishments.

Details. A good way to make your look a bit more interesting are funky socks. Another way to add some character and personality to your look is a pocket square. Here you have many options depending on the occasion. You can go with a classic pocket square to achieve more elegant and refined look that will work best for a formal occasion. If you want to add some flare and vivacity to your look, go with with brighter colors and bolder patterns. And of course, the most important finishing touch is fragrance.

A Special Ingredient behind Ella by ARQUISTE


The secret for creating a superior perfume lies in the ingredients. At ARQUISTE, we use the finest, most exclusive and rarest ingredients. One of them is the Couroupita flower. Very few people have even heard of Couroupita guianensis, also known as Cannon Ball Tree, and even fewer people had the chance to smell its divine fragrant flowers. However, those who experienced its luscious scent will never forget it.


This wonderful exemplar of flora is native to South and Central America. It grows up to 35 meters in height and the length of its flower clusters can reach up to 80 meters! The bright and colorful flowers are large and can be up to 6 cm in diameter. The tree is often called “Cannon Ball Tree” because of its large fruits, which are woody and spherical in shape, and can reach up to 25 centimeters in diameter. The contradiction is that while the flowers smell divine, the large fruits on the other hand do not, in fact they have a particularly repellent odour after they split open. Some foraging animals like the taste of the blue-turning flesh and a select number of Amazonian shamans who use the fruit in rituals. The cannonball moniker refers to the audible explosive cracking sound the oversize fruit can make as it hits the ground.

The scent of the flower is sweet, green and  floral with touches of hyacinth, petunia and rose, with a characteristic green sage note. This is reflected in the peculiar lushness around the rose in the top notes, a slight verdancy and a daring opening. The introduction of cannonball tree flower is a fabulous intro into what becomes a sensual essay into skin and how textures and substances glaze over it.

It is added to ELLA because of it’s presence
in the luxurious gardens in Acapulco, and other tropical locations, because of the flowers beauty and scent.

Interesting facts:


  1. Each individual flower blooms for only one day


  1. Very often ‘CAUTION’ signs are posted on the trunks to warn people that standing in the close proximity to a tree and directly under the fruits can be dangerous, as falling fruits can injure or kill a person


  1. In India the tree is sacred to Hindus and it is grown at Shiva Temples



Photos by Andrew Zuckerman


Prance, G. T. & S. A. Mori. Couroupita guianensis Aubl. New York Botanical Garden. 2013.

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