Carlos Huber On Fine Details and Fragrances

April 19, 2017

I love collecting unique objects  that have a story behind them. My collection is very eclectic,  and I can get equally fascinated by the large antique mirror from 19th century France and a modern furnishing from Ikea. My apartment is full of antique books and vintage elements of decor, but still has a very modern feel to it. On one shelf you can see my collection of ultra-modern necklaces and bracelets by Luis Morales sitting next to antique books from 19th century.  Nothing in my collection  is random. Each item tells a story. I find details and nuances very important because they help better express who I am and what inspires me.

My passion for fragrances is reflected in my apartment as you can find fragrances literally everywhere, even in my refrigerator! I store fragrances in refrigerator  to prevent them from going bad. We use a lot of natural high-quality ingredients in our perfumes, and exposure to high temperatures or direct sun-light can cause unwanted changes in fragrance over time.  I think that what makes my collection so unique and interesting is that it has so many layers to it. I have pieces from all over the world: London, Paris, New York, Mexico, Budapest and from different epochs.

Photography by Marilou Daube. Photos were featured in the  March issue of Solar Magazine.