ARQUISTE & CIRE TRVDON introduce Merida candle!

February 25, 2013

ARQUISTE has been commissioned to create a new scent for the prestigious Cire Trudon candle line, marking the first time the legendary French line has partnered with another brand to create a scent for one of its candles. To celebrate this esteemed Franco-Mexican collaboration, Arquiste has chosen to recreate the balmy night described by Empress Charlotte, centering on the exuberant, multi-layered fragrance of the guava tree. Succulent ripe fruit, intoxicating blossoms, foliage and bark are enveloped by elegant woody notes of mahogany and “palo primavera,” with just a hint of firework gunpowder, for an altogether intriguing, sumptuous scent.


November 1865, Merida, Mexico
Bursting fireworks illuminate the night sky of old Merida, welcoming Empress Carlota of Mexico.  Before immersing herself in the welcoming festivities, she lingers in the courtyard of the impressive quinta where she is staying. There, a guava tree, heavy with ripe fruit, sweetens the velvety aroma of the tropical woods, enhancing the charms of the balmy night. Savoring this moment of sweet serenity, Carlota picks up her pen and writes to her beloved Maximilian: “Tesoro entrañablemente amado…


About Cire Trudon: Founded in 1643, on the eve of Louis XIV’s reign, Cire Trudon is the world’s oldest candle manufacturer. During the eighteenth century, the company became the Manufacture Royale de Cire (Royal Wax Manufacturer). Cire Trudon has created a unique natural wax blend, which guarantees a clean burn and a unique olfactory experience.


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